The Parenting Journey 

At The Parenting Journey we are passionate about supporting you, as parents, wherever you are on your journey. 


We are experienced counsellors who have run parenting programs for over 11 years and as importantly are parents ourselves.  


Evidence-based parenting programs (Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens) give you tools to help your child develop emotional resilience and

competence in managing their emotions in healthy ways. This helps them to move through difficult times without being swamped by their emotions or alternatively pushing them down. This helps them to be able to read people and situations and more easily communicate as they go through the challenges and changes of adolescence. Improved communication helps you to stay connected to them and enjoy the journey. Our small groups give parents the opportunity to connect with other parents in supportive, non judgmental settings.

We all parent in different ways, but what we have in common is wanting the very best for our children and facing the challenges of parenting during a very different time to when we were growing up. 


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‘With my changes (controlling my anger, sharing his feelings, listening with empathy), my son has changed a lot. He’s very calm, very understanding, and very helpful. I feel the relationship with my son has become stronger and he trusts me more.’

Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens
Tuning in to Teens TM

We are taking bookings for our next program- Tuning in to Teens: Emotionally Intelligent ParentingTM program. This is based on Tuning in to Kids but with a focus on the teenage years. It is suitable for parents of children in Grade 6 to approximately 16 years of age. These small group programs take place live online and have one or 2 facilitators depending on the group size.


Tuesdays Feb 22- March 29: 7.30-9pm

Wednesdays Feb 23-March 30 5.30- 7pm  

bookings through Kate Culy on 0404 042 789

or Jodie Harris on 0412 822 858

Location: ONLINE

Tuning in to TeensTM personalised sessions 

Individual sessions for individuals or couples are available by appointment. These are offered online via Zoom and cover the same content as Tuning in to Teens programs but can be tailored to your particular needs, offering more opportunity for you to talk through challenges and build on your strengths in a confidential, supportive space. 

Tuning in to Kids TM

Tuning in to Kids: Emotionally Intelligent ParentingTM is a parenting program that teaches you how to help your child understand and regulate their emotions. it is suitable for parents of toddlers through to Grade 6 children.

We have no Tuning in to Kids programs scheduled at the moment but please contact us to go on our mailing list for future programs.



“This program has given me knowledge, tools & confidence”

“ I am in awe at how much this program has helped me as an adult, a mother and us as a family”

“I am a calmer, happier parent and believe I am better meeting the needs of my children”

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“A perfect parent is a person with excellent child-rearing theories

and no actual children”

– Dave Barry


About Us

Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees in parenting and so easy to get stuck in a rut. At The Parenting Journey, we are all about supporting you to tune in to your child, try new things out in a supportive environment and develop new skills to help you and your child. We are experienced facilitators of the Tuning in to KidsTM and Tuning in to TeensTM programs and counsellors working with youth and adults. As importantly we are both parents of teenagers and bring warmth and authenticity to our programs.